It’s the long hot summer of 2013 and Holy Nativity is having a party!!  On Sunday 18th of August the 10am service will be fun for all ages!

At the back of Holy Nativity Church there is a suggestion box for you to put in all of your favourite songs and hymns.  This is the ultimate in crowd sourced worship!  What would you really like to sing?  Why not leave a comment here on the website or place your slip of paper in the box?  Vote early.  Vote often!!  This service will be based entirely upon what the community wants to sing!! Terms and conditions apply*

We will begin by dishing out ice cream and sprinkles as we begin the service and get together for some enthusiastic singing!!  Marian, Ruth and Robb will lead us through some of Mixenden and Illingworth’s favourite songs as we gather for an informal communion service together.

Ice cream and your favourite songs.  What’s not to love?!

*there’s only so many hours in the day and if we get a request for 100 different songs/hymns then we’ll have to whittle it down to a service.