The Rock Mass finds it’s regular home in North Halifax and begins with a bang.  With worship based upon the service that rock band Metanoia helped to bring to life in The Big Top at Greenbelt Festival, we will be looking at where we are heading to in the future.  Are we heading towards a bleak world of Blade Runner or Judge Dredd or some Star Trek like utopia?  What is our future hope?

The service is a communion at which bread and wine are shared as people gather together to worship God.  The music will be more akin to a stadium rock concert and you can expect extravagant sound, lights and plenty of smoke!

Music will be a mixture of things you are more likely to find on the Kerrang channel and Planet Rock Radio than Classic FM.  We will also be singing parts of the service using the new Life Begins setting that Metanoia wrote especially for Greenbelt 2013!

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You may want to have a listen to Aerosmith’s Livin’ on the Edge which will be our opening hymn!  \m/

This is a church that is open to all. If you want to worship in a way that is authentic for you, why not give it a try?