Have you always wanted to be in The Nativity play at school but got picked to be a twinkling star every year at school?!  Whether you’re 4 or 43, this is your opportunity!!

This year we’re having the BIGGEST nativity play in Halifax!   You’ve always wanted to be a shepherd, you’ve got a dressing gown and a tea towel!  Come to Christingle as ANYONE from the Nativity and fill Holy Nativity with Marys, Josephs and Wise Guys!!  Dress the kids as sheep, angels…  YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO!!

The Christingle service is one of the most fun times of the year to come to Holy Nativity!  It is a fantastic service for all ages as the whole community comes together from the local area to celebrate Christmas and raise money for the Children’s Society.

The Christingle Service is great fun for the kids and we really start to feel like Christmas is upon us!

Everyone is invited!  Bring the kids, the grandparents, your friends and neighbours!!