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The Floods – From Bishop Jonathan 

by Robb Sutherland

From Bishop Jonathan “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it”The storms over the Christmas period have had a devastating effect on communities in the Calder Valley. The floods have affected many homes, businesses and community facilities, including schools, and the effects will last much longer than the attention of […]

Confirmation at Lunch Club

by Robb Sutherland

This morning the Bishop of Huddersfield, Jonathan Gibbs came to the communion service before Lunch Club.  During the service, two of the regular members of the congregation were confirmed. During the service Danielle told the congregation that this is the next stage of her journey after she came to the Pilgrim Course at the beginning […]

Why is the Church of England getting involved with …?

by Robb Sutherland

  Time and time again people ask me the question, “Why is the Church of England getting involved with…?” At which point you can add the words refugees, debt, tax credits, or any number of other things. Surely the primary business of the Church is religion, helping people to develop a relationship with God and to […]