This is taken from the Church of England’s publication “In Review

The new diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales: Leeds will come into being next Easter. A proposed ‘roadmap’ for the transition to the new diocese has been agreed by the Archbishop of York and Diocesan Bishops which includes celebrations to give thanks for each diocese (Ripon and Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield) as they come to an end with the birth of the new diocese.

Key to the transition will be the appointment of the first diocesan Bishop of Leeds. The appointment process begins with consultations in the three dioceses, and a transitional Vacancy-in-See Committee from all three dioceses holding meetings to produce a ‘statement of need’. The Crown Nominations Commission will meet on November 12th, and will make its selection in February when it nominates the new bishop. The new bishop would be ‘elected’ during Easter week, immediately after the ‘Appointed Day’, and enthroned in the summer of 2014.

The ‘roadmap’ which has been published sets out a step by step process towards the full implementation of the scheme, with the Area system fully taking effect by 2016.  The first diocesan Synod will meet in the Autumn of next year and a new Diocesan Synod will be elected in 2015.

The Archbishop’s letter about the administrative preparations for the Transformation Programme here where he nominates the new Acting Diocesan Secretary John Tuckett can be read here:

The Archbishop’s Roadmap to the new diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales: Leeds can be read here: