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New Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales (Leeds) Plans Announced

by Robb Sutherland

This is taken from the Church of England’s publication “In Review“ The new diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales: Leeds will come into being next Easter. A proposed ‘roadmap’ for the transition to the new diocese has been agreed by the Archbishop of York and Diocesan Bishops which includes celebrations to give thanks for […]

Ashton Kutcher Tells the World ‘What is Important’

by Robb Sutherland

I think I know Ashton Kutcher best for his role in the TV show ‘Two and a Half Men’ although I first saw him in the film ‘Dude Where’s My Car?’  He is currently one of Hollywood’s brightest stars with people scrambling to bask in his reflected glory.  The above video is currently going viral […]

Forming a New Diocese

by Robb Sutherland

“May you live in interesting times” is an old phrase that is often attributed as a Chinese proverb. Here at Holy Nativity we are certainly moving into ‘interesting times’ as part of The Diocese of Wakefield. On Monday 8th of July the national governing body of the Church of England voted to go ahead with […]

Party in the Precinct – #Wakefield125

by Elwood, The Vicarage Cat

On Sunday, Holy Nativity climbed aboard a minibus and invaded Wakefield Diocese’s Party in the Precinct” at Wakefield Cathedral.  It is 125 years since the Diocese of Wakefield was created to serve the needs of West Yorkshire and with a newly refurbished Cathedral it was time to PARTY!! And what a party it was!  The […]

Celebrating 25 Years in Partnership with Tanzania

by Robb Sutherland

In April there was a big celebration at Wakefield cathedral in to celebrate 25 years of the diocesan link with Tanzania.  The service was well attended and Bishop Hilkiah preached an inspiring sermon.  He told the congregation how much the link meant to the people in Tanzania and how much progress is being made with […]